Customize menu options for fiori launchpad

When you select a drop down to logout in fiori launchpad, you see 3 options by default. "Contact Support", "User Preference", "Logout". Let's say you r client wants to add »

Understanding SAPUI5 app architecture, Views, Pages and Navigation between pages

← Getting Started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5 In my previous blog, I explained what is UI5, how we can add UI5 libraries to HTML5 page, how we can instanciate simple controls »

Getting Started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5

←SAPUI5 and FIORI redefining enterprise user experience In this blog post you will learn how to get started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5 development and create an simple sapui5 application. I »

SAPUI5 and FIORI redefining enterprise user experience

Having been associated with SAP for last few years I have realized SAP traditional UI technologies fail to bring in the user experience that users are come to expect from »