Surface designing in Catia v5

Surface design of soccer ball in CATIA v5.

Today's blog we will concentrate on catia V5 designing tool, which is the most flexible and important tool among all available designing tools. One of the most heavily used workbench in CATIA V5 is 'Wireframe and surface design' which is widely used in industries.

On daily basis we are dependent on many products, we observe their shapes, but we cannot simply categorise into a perticular shape saying rectangle or circle, all these products or objects are of irregular or contour shape and even in human body none of the part are of regular shape. To design these irregular shapes, surface design work bentch is more useful comparatively other work benches.
This surface design workbench (of CATIA V5) is helpfull in various areas ranging from medical field, design artificial human body parts like plastic legs, to Aeronautical field (e.g., smallest part in aircraft-Turbine blades).

In this below video I have explained designing soccer ball using surface design workbench(wireframe).
Please go through this video link and let me know your thoughts in comments section below.