SAPUI5 and FIORI redefining enterprise user experience

Having been associated with SAP for last few years I have realized SAP traditional UI technologies fail to bring in the user experience that users are come to expect from webApps or mobile apps. It is SAP's time to re-invent the user experience for the end user, SAP Fiori is one such attempt (I would say successfull attempt).

So most of the times I get asked this question, what is SAPUI5 and what is Fiori, what is the difference between them. To simply put, SAPUI5 is a UI library which helps in building Fiori like applications, where as SAP Fiori is a set of applications developed by SAP using SAPUI5 and are distributed to the customers for free. These Fiori apps target to reduce some of the complexities in executing the traditional t-codes, by reducing number of fields user has to fill in, restricting the number of screens user has to navigate and so on.

This simplification in UI saves lots of training effort and increases productivity. As most of these apps can be accessed on iPad or mobile devices it is easier for field workers to connect to SAP and conduct their jobs quickly.

Advantages of Fiori design :

Fiori or Fiori like apps,provide role-based access, meaning users having access to that app will be able to access the app.

Whether you fulfill a sales order, review your latest KPIs, or manage leave requests – SAP Fiori adheres to a consistent interaction and visual design language. Across the enterprise, you enjoy the same intuitive and consistent experience.

With Fiori like design, you can complete your job intuitively and quickly. This design helps you focus on what is important – essential functions are easy to use and you can personalize the experience to focus on your relevant tasks and activities.

SAP Fiori enables you to work how and where you want, regardless of the device you use. And, it provides relevant information that allows for instant insight.

Designing for mobile first means first looking at the scenario as if you had to design a mobile app. Designing for mobile first also means restriction; a restriction that has led to an amazing wave of innovation in design that has by far outpaced every other area in interface design in recent history. Restriction means focus and the need to find smart ways to reduce, aggregate, group, and default.

3-Click Task Completion Process
Navigation between screens is designed to be simple with maximum 3 click navigation.

Usage of icons in at every possible place, adds to the retention and recall technique of the usabilty of the app.

In my next blog, I will talk about how to get started with SAPUI5 development.

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