Migrating from Eclipse based android project to Android studio based project

I was working on this android game one and half years back and stopped because of some reasons, I wanted to start working on this again but I din't want to use eclipse tools as google moved away from eclipse based developer tools to Android studio based tools which has better management of third party libraries and going forward only supported developer tool. So it was a pretty easy decision to migrate, my next move was to find how to achieve this.

Googling "how to migrate from eclipse to android studio" gives pretty comprehensive steps to achieve it, right there on google page. Also here is google's guide for migration . If you want steps with simple screenshots, you can continue reading this blog.

  1. Open android studio and close existing projects if any. To close existing project Go to File -> Close projects

studio_project 2. You should see "Welcome to Android Studio" screen. Click on import project, highlighted in below screenshot.

  1. Now navigate to your android workspace, and expand the project you want to import as shown in below screenshot. Double click on AndroidManifest.xml
  2. You should see popup as below, click next.
  3. Click finish, This is pretty awsome importing tool, works flawlessly most of the times (Unless you have modified any structure)
  4. Give it some time to import and index the files, you will be able to check import summary. If all goes well, you can run your old app by clicking on green button as shown below (high lighted in red). Now you can work with gradle based build tools.

And you are done!