Customize menu options for fiori launchpad

When you select a drop down to logout in fiori launchpad, you see 3 options by default. "Contact Support", "User Preference", "Logout". Let's say you r client wants to add »

Migrating from Eclipse based android project to Android studio based project

I was working on this android game one and half years back and stopped because of some reasons, I wanted to start working on this again but I din't want »

Introduction to javascript functions,variables,scopes and closures

With Javascript language it is very easy to get started and at the same time it is really hard to get some of the concepts because of its very nature »

What is JSON?

JSON Representation JSON (Javascript Object Notation) is a format in which you represent your data. This format is used to transfer data from server side technologies to client. It is »

Using callbacks in Java and android

Javascript is kind of a propagator of Callbacks concept, as functions being first class objects in javascript. You can implement callbacks in Java too using interface concepts. What are callbacks »

Solving UNEXPECTED TOP-LEVEL EXCEPTION: method ID not in [0, 0xffff]:

Android application (APK) files contain executable bytecode files in the form of Dalvik Executable (DEX) files, which contain the compiled code used to run your app. The Dalvik Executable specification »

Surface designing in Catia v5

Surface design of soccer ball in CATIA v5. Today's blog we will concentrate on catia V5 designing tool, which is the most flexible and important tool among all available designing »

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Got new iPhone 6s? not able find "Personal Hotspot" option? find out how to enable it here.

I spent 3-4 days running behind network carrier to enable "Personal Hotspot" option in iPhone 6s plus without any luck. Finally found the solution. If you are looking for the »

What is nodejs? What are blocking I/O operations ? What is event driven programing

Nodejs is a server side javascript runtime environment built on top of google chrome's v8 engine. With the help of node.js you can write server side business logic in »

Why you shouldn't support Free Basics? Facebook's platform for "free" internet

Past few days we have been bombarded with the ads about Free Basics from facebook, stirring up the debate about Net Neutrality. Before getting into the debate of "Is free »

Front end development with Static-server (Nodejs)

Static server is a simple file server which serves html, css or javascript contents (or any other file for that matter). It is built on top of nodejs and distributed »

IDE's available for SAPUI5 development

← Understanding SAPUI5 app architecture, Views, Pages and Navigation between pages In my previous blog I explained about MVC pattern, implementation of MVC pattern in SAPUI5 apps. We also saw »

Understanding SAPUI5 app architecture, Views, Pages and Navigation between pages

← Getting Started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5 In my previous blog, I explained what is UI5, how we can add UI5 libraries to HTML5 page, how we can instanciate simple controls »

Getting Started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5

←SAPUI5 and FIORI redefining enterprise user experience In this blog post you will learn how to get started with SAPUI5/OpenUI5 development and create an simple sapui5 application. I »

SAPUI5 and FIORI redefining enterprise user experience

Having been associated with SAP for last few years I have realized SAP traditional UI technologies fail to bring in the user experience that users are come to expect from »

Adding barcode scanner functionality to the hybrid app packaged using cordova

In my previous blogs we saw how to create cordova, customize the default cordova app and created a hello world app from scratch. We can do many more things apart »

Customising default cordova/phoneGap app

←Building hybrid apps with cordova or phonegap In my previous blog I explained how to install cordova, and create an application using cordova command line tool. We ran this »

Building hybrid mobile apps with cordova or phonegap

Cordova is a platform to build native mobile applications using HTML,CSS and Javascript. Cordova enables you to access native device functionality such as camera,contacts, bluetooth etc using cordova »